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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good sunday morning and thanks for joining us. i'm matt examplar in for carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning. the weather not picking up any returns. just some mist and drizzle in parts of the bay, certainly along the coast. from the east bay hills camera it looks like. you see the low clouds here. similar to yesterday and the sun coming up in less than 30 minutes. it's 56 in the city. 60 across the bay. and in the south bay low 60s. mid-50s half moon bay. visibility upwards of about six miles or so. so starting out just a couple degrees cooler in most locations, except novato and napa, where numbers really dipped low yesterday. we will look for another sunny and warm afternoon inland. so highs there mid-80s to the
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lower 90s perhaps in the livermore valley. san francisco around the bay, low 60s coastside. mid-and upper 60s downtown. we will look for temperatures in oakland today to be in the low 70s. elsewhere near east bay shore near 80. we will talk in detail about the week ahead in a few minutes. matt. >> thank you, lisa. >> in a few hours the $1.25 billion levi's stadium will make its debut with the game between the 49ers and the broncos. a lot more people are expected. santa clara has made changes. but will it be enough? lisa amin gulezian as details. >> reporter: football fans just can't seem to get enough of levi's stadium. >> i want to see what it looks like all lit up, and it's impressive. >> impressive. a state of the art stadium.
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just one way to describe the 49ers new home. 70,000 fans will converge on the stadium. >> we are definitely ready. >> santa clara mayor is sure he doesn't expect a repeat of the earthquakes game two weeks ago which created traffic nightmare. a lot of tweaking has been done since then. and turn lanes have been added and traffic signals have been synchronized. >> we have 32,000 parking spaces compared to 19,000 at candlestick. we have 32,000. so it's just getting people to the spaces. >> this shows the 29 parking lots. -- 2 is parking lots. and people will receive turn-by-turn directions to get them to their parking spaces. extra buss and light rails will be running. all of it should help with congestion. those who live near the stadium were given special red stickers so they could get in and out of the area easily. homeowners have mixed reactions. >> i'm not very hopeful. they have people coming in and people coming out, and the last time was three hours. >> the city has planned enough
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to make it so that it won't be that big an inconvenience for most people. >> the 49ers could still make more changes to help traffic flow even after the game. in santa clara, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. if you are going to the game, you can check out these live traffic cameras from the city of santa clara. we have a link at along with our own realtime maps with alternative routes on our traffic page. to help alleviate some of the anticipated traffic of parking problems, california great america in santa clara will be closed to the. in fact, the theme park's website said they will be closed every time the niners have a home game. this morning relatives of a two-year-old killed in a san francisco hit-and-run are asking the driver to surrender to police and spare them any more agony. crews in the friday night accident are few. police say the driver of the white toyota or lexus sedan hit the child and kept going. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the latest. >> reporter: a small bouquet of
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flowers, a con dolens card and a single candle. this is a small memorial for 2-year-old mi-yana gregory. she was killed friday night in the nearby crosswalk. mi-yana gregory's aunt says the two-year-old and her mother were walking across the street from a theater when the driver of a white four-door sedan whizzed by. >> she was hit by a driver in drag, and that's pretty much it and the car kept going. >> this is a series that was taken from the mission street parking garage. you see the front of the white car, the rear of the car and then the whole car. [sirens] throughout the afternoon and evening, san francisco motorcycle officers have been handing out citation after citation on this very short stretch of mission street. >> the san francisco police department is on heavy enforcement due to the tragedy that occurred with the two-year-old child and a white vehicle that was involved in a hit run and. >> these are pictures of the scene just after the hit-and-run that wesley shot. he said this is a busy area, especially on a friday night.
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>> little evidence markers. it looked like a shooting or something and then we asked what happened and we found out about what happened. >> mi-yana gregory's family said they are in shock and the search for the driver in the hit-and-run isn't helping. >> we shouldn't have to go through pictures and cameras to find you. you turn yourself in. you know what you did. >> investigators are hoping anyone who can identify the car can give them a call. in san francisco, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> the bay area woman known as the serial stowaway is out of jail after serves just three days. last wednesday a los angeles judge sentenced 62-year-old marilyn hartman to 177 days in jail for violating an order to stay away from l. a. x. without a valid ticket. but she was released yesterday because of overcrowding. earlier this month she snuck on to a plane without a ticket and flew from san jose to l. a. x. she's already banned from sfo, where she's been arrested six times. one person is dead and another injured after a private plane crashed in eldorado
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county. the eldorado county sheriff's department said it happened just before 7:00 last night at the airport in placerville. two men were in a plane. one taken to the hospital and other died at the scene. the plane is registered in san jose. the plane reportedly circled the airport before disappearing. now to the latest in the small missouri town of ferguson. it's attracted the eyes of the nation. violence broke out overnight as police tried to enforce a curfew, leaving one person in critical condition. abc news reporter marcy gonzales is in ferguson with this developing story. >> reporter: another to standoff between demonstrators and police. >> you must continue disbursing immediately or you will be subject to arrest. >> just after the midnight curfew went into effect in ferguson, missouri, the state highway patrol said they heard reports of people with guns on the roof of a restaurant and responded. officers were met by a protester pointing a gun and a crowd that refused to leave.
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the s.w.a.t. team moved in and they are firing teargas at the protesters. >> i was hit full in the face with the teargas. i had no protection of any sort. >> highway patrol saying they took those extreme measures only after hearing someone in the crowd had been shot. >> we had a shooting victim. we had a subject standing in the middle of the road with a handgun. we had a police car shot at tonight. yeah, i think that was the proper response tonight. to maintain officer safety and public safety. >> the curfew here outside of st. louis put in place after nearly a week of violence following the shooting death of an unarmed teenager by an officer. today the parents of michael brown will rally again, pushing for answers in the case and some much-needed peace in this community. marcie gonzalez, abc news, ferguson, missouri. >> the event in ferguson will be one of the topics later this
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morning on "this week." george stephanopoulos will also talk about military reaction action in iraq. you can see it right after this news on abc7 >> business owners in the east bay spent yesterday cleaning up after a march supporting michael brown got out of control. the group marched downtown berkeley friday night. denouncing police violence after the shooting in ferguson. businesses were spray painted and people wearing masks smashed windows. >> we had nothing to do with it. we are thousands of miles away from what happened, and now i have to pay $700 to have a window replaced. >> i understand the anger and everything, but i don't know if this was particularly the right way to express it. >> oakland police say one officer was assaulted by demonstrators and one was pepper-sprayed. two protesters airplane rested. in santa rosa there was a protest when a deputy returned to the streets this week. last october a deputy shot and killed 13-year-old andy lopez.
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the teen was carrying an air soft gun made to look like an ak-47. last month the sonoma county district attorney cleared the officer of any wrongdoing. yesterday protesters outside the sheriffs quarters headquarters said they want justice for lopez. >> it was disrespectful to the community to put the man who killed a child back on the streets to patrol their street. >> i don't think he should be returning to work in this county. he should be, if anything, working elsewhere. a lot of people are not happy that he's going to be on the streets once again after this happened. >> protesters say the shooting and protests followed high lighted tensions between law enforcement and the latino community in sonoma county. >> people protested the arrival of an isreali cargo ship at the port of oakland yesterday. several groups marched. its where they unload cargo every saturday. event organizers asked dockworkers to show their support by not going to the work.
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those on the other side of the conflict said israel must be able to defend itself against attacks by hamas militants. >> turning now to weather, we have that marine layer out there this morning. >> causing some delays at sfo. about 38-minute delays. here's a look outside. 57 at the airport, as well as this the city. the clouds will clear by midmorning and we will see numbers toward 730 degrees here. a little cooler in the city. we will talk about the rest of the weekend and a slightly cooler day ahead tomorrow when we return. >> thank you, lisa. also next, crews continue to battle a more than 12,000-acre wildfire in mendocino county. the reason they believe they will have it contain later this week. and a bay area football team's touching ice bucket challenge tribute. why this one was about so much more than
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there you go. it at us. so it's kfc night. [cheering] last week we hosted. yes, this week the kids invited us to their place. sorry i was late. i had a little trouble with the rope ladder. he fell twice. but look at all this food we've got.
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yeah we got this delicious kfc meal and they threw in 2 extra sides for free. for free! and i love what you've done with the drapes. are those your bedsheets? [laughing] ♪ . >> good morning. here's a live look from our abc7 roof camera. you can see the american flag blowing a little built in the breeze there this morning. we've got that marine layer sitting around so cool temperatures in the city. if you are inland or in the south bay, expect a nice, warm day. a judge ruled there's enough evidence for a former high school security guard to stand
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trial for attacking a child in a wheelchair. the security camera shows him punching and dumping the boy, who has cerebral palsy, out of his chair at an oakland high school. a district spokesman said mitchell was pushing martinez to class when martin knees spit him in his face. another guard stopped the attack and mitchell was stopped and fired that day. he will return to court for arraignment and have a trial date set. new details in the disappearance of a hayward man. his family said he was mugged. according to a family facebook post, 29-year-old was meditating in a park on july 31st when he was attacked. his family and friends started posting missing flyers when they didn't hear from him. turns out he was in a hospital the whole time. medical center reached out to the family. they say their son is expected to make a full recovery. four people, including a child resting comfortably this morning after being rescued from their burning boat in southern california. the brand new 40-foot yacht caught fire early saturday evening about two hours off the
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coast of malibu. a man took these pictures of the to smoke on the water. three adults and a child managed to get on a life raft before the coast guard arrived. the yacht sank. that put out the fire. no word on how it started. >> cal fire says it hopes to have a large wildfire burning in mendocino county under control by wednesday. calm winds and low winds is helping them get it under control. it's burned more than 12,000 acres since it broke out 2 1/2 weeks ago. the fire is about 75% contained right now. last week eight firefighters were hospitalized. they had serious injuries. today the cost of fighting the fire stands at $35 million. nearly a week after his death, fans are still honoring robin williams. the memorial in front of the san francisco home used in "mrs. doubtfire" continues to grow. yesterday many tourists from around the country made a special trip to see the flowers, notes, pictures on the front steps. today he will be honored at services at nine and eleven this morning. williams helped raise money for
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the church. robin williams death not only sent shockwaves through the world of entertainment. it also shed light on a battle millions wage against depression. abc67 fuse anchor talk with williams' fellow comedians, about how they face many ups and downs. copeland himself suffers with depression. copeland deals with it. >> i'm on the back end. most severe episode of depression i've ever had. had lasted three months and i'll be honest, there were times i will not make it through it. i thought, you know, maybe this is a teachable moment. we hope you will join cheryl jennings for "beyond the headlines" today at 10:00 a.m. right here on abc7. we've seen the ice bucket challenge grow on the internet, especially over the last week. people challenges others to dump cold water on their head and donate money to a.l.s. charities. this team has extra motivation.
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the football team in moraga. they are doing it to help a former teammate's father who is fighting a.l.s. [cheers and applause] >> he's saying gentlemen, thank you very much. this means a lot to him. [applause] >> very touching. >> the cal high sports bay area shot this video for a special that will air on august 31. for information on how you can make a donation to help a. l. s. charities we have a link on our website, abc7 very cool to see him participate in that. i know a lot of people there probably thinking of dumping cold water on their heads as temperatures are getting pretty warm. >> why not. a beautiful summer day there. the rest of us will wait for the clouds to clear and it will be breezy around the bay and close to the coast. the inland east bay once again we see a few 90s. live doppler 7hd very quiet.
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an area of low pressure to the north of us that will allow for a little bit of an enhanced marine layer. that should get the winds really blowing this afternoon and that will bring temperatures down a few degrees. another area of low pressure visits us and that will bring more changes. a pretty shot, the east bay hills camera where you see the low clouds. 61 in oakland's, 59 san carlos. sfo has some delays, a little over 30 minutes. 51 gilroy. half moon bay about 6-mile visibility. there is fog in santa rosa this morning. be careful with visibility reduced there. roof camera, 54 up in the north bay. 56 by fairfield. southwest winds up to 21 miles an hour. it should be another warm day, but not too hot as you head through the east bay valley with temperatures climbing in and around the 90-degree range. sfo a little cloudiness. should get into clearing by about midmorning and then some low 70s.
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coastal clouds around the bay this morning. once again, sun my and breezy around the bay and by the coast. look for the somewhat sunny pattern through the upcoming work week with minor fluctuations throughout tomorrow and into tuesday. the end of the week still a little bit up in question. so high pressure is situated along the southeast part of the state. we will look for temperatures to stay very warm inland. but the flow around that, keeping the subtropical moisture to the south today. that could change by the end of the week. we get into a typically westerly wind, 10 to 20 miles an hour. that brings little change. it should be a nice afternoon today. you had a nice day yesterday. you probably won't notice much of a difference. this system right here is what is just going to push to the north of us, allowing for the numbers perhaps to be a couple degrees cooler in the north bay and in the city and on the coast. otherwise livermore today low 90s. that will take you just before the average high and the cool down comes, minor cool down
6:20 am
tomorrow and tuesday. slow recovery by the end of the week. in the south bay today all eyes here on the 49ers. a beautiful afternoon. warm day, 82 in san jose. look for about 81 santa clara. 9 in morgan hill. cupertino low 80s. 79 redwood city. not much change with san francisco coming into the mid-and upper 60s up in the north bay. breezy at times. 81 sonoma. near east bay. low openly-gay's return for oakland. 78 union city. castro valley topping out around 80 today and pleasanton, livermore, upper 80s to 90. overall it's temperatures that are typical of mid-august. then by the end of the week perhaps a few extra clouds. we will let you know how warm it's going to be in your community by keeping track on bay area weather on live doppler 7hd. that's twitter. always exciting to check that out. >> yeah, and we will take
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typical this time of the year. for the 49ers game, can't get much better. >> should be great. >> next, a woman tries to hold off labor to help her other child. what she was trying to do before she gave birth.
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>> dan harris is going to join us now from new york to tell us
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what is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." how is it going, dan? >> hey, matt, it's going great. great to see you. we have breaking news overnight. defying the curfew. the news out of missouri not great. the to governor's attempt to restore order in the city of ferguson resulting in more arrests, more smoke, more teargas. one person shot and critically wounded. shots also fired at a police car. we have a reporter live on the scene this morning. meanwhile we are getting our first look at the officer who shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. there he is. that's the innings dep that kicked off all this chaos. members of the community asking why this officer many been charged. frustration boiling over at a truly extraordinary and unruly press conference with the governor. we will be covering the story from all angles this morning. also coming up, we have some stuff on the lighter side, as well. we will be talking about -- this one is not on the lighter side but we have stuff on the lighter side we will talk about in a second. a teenager in chicago facing
6:25 am
murder charges in bali, indonesia. what her mother is saying about the case this morning. and we do have stuff on a lighter stuff. such as this. the amazing multi-tiered competition. some of the best artist and our own sarah liting the beach for a good cause. and just because we've got three black cats, kitten, on the anchor desk with us this morning live. >> great, are they doing sports or weather or what are they doing? >> they are miewing softly and clawing at my tie. >> just being cute. we appreciate it. a dramatic arrival for a baby in texas. vanessa said she was already in labor last thursday when she went to a school to register her 4-year-old son for a program. it was the only way to see he was signed up for class. she planned to drop off the paperwork and go to the hospital, but the baby had other plans instead and was born in the nurse's offices. >> i'm trying to get on my
6:26 am
gloves is and i look and the baby is crowning. so i threw the box down, i got it here and i see the baby. and i had no choice but, you know, she said pull the baby out. >> she's laughing now but i'm sure things were tense then. the nurse wrapped the baby boy in t-shirts and sent him and his brother off to the hospital. >> a unique cafe is coming to san francisco. kit tea is going into the hayes valley neighborhood. this is video from another cat cafe in manhattan. kit tea will be similar. they report the cafe will team up with rescue organizations to host about a dozen cats at a time. if it's anything like cat-acino you might want to get reservations because there will likely be a line around the block. they will take reservations. tracking down bike thieves. how cops in san francisco are
6:27 am
using technology to stop crime. and also -- >> it is outrageous. >> governor rick perry reacts to the new indictment filed against him. why he's calling it it makes me happy to i like feeling smart. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost internet access to over 1.4 million low-income people at home. internet essentials helped me progress in my schoolwork.
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♪ >> good sunday morning. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> hi, matt.
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good morning to you. a light west wind. 57 degrees. the roof camera. we have delays at sfo of about 38 minutes. novato, a little warmer compared to yesterday. it is clear in concord and livermore. elsewhere a couple degrees cooler than yesterday at this time in san carlos. 4 degrees cooler, as well as at the airport. what a shot we have for you from our east bay hills camera. beautiful. kind of a purple hayes here this morning with mid-80s to lower 90s this afternoon in our inland east bay. low 60s along the coast and upper 60s downtown san francisco. low 70s in oakland, to near 80 in parts of our east bay. it should be another beautiful day with seasonal temperatures. we will talk about what's to come in the week ahead in a few minutes. matt. >> thank you, lisa. u.s. forces have carried out another round of air strikes against islamic militants in iraq. the nine air strikes are in northern iraq in an area taken by isus fighters earlier this month.
6:31 am
the pentagon said saturday's attacks destroyed more than a dozen armed vehicles used by the militants. the u.s. says the strikes wereness to protect american personnel and humanitarian efforts to 8,000 -- to aid thousands of religious refugees. >> a potential presidential contender is now fighting for his political life. rick perry, the long-serving republican governor of texas, has just been slapped with a criminal indictment. he have the story. >> we don't settle political differences with indictments in this country. it is outrageous. >> perry has been on the rebound, eyeing another bid for the white house. but now he's fighting a two-count indictment. abuse of power and coercing a public servant. >> this farce of a prosecution will be revealed for what it is. >> prosecutors say the governor went beyond hardball politics and tried forcing a democratic district attorney to quit or cut
6:32 am
fund to go her office. but he said rosemary, seen here in this video, should have resigned after pleading guilty to drunken driving. the two were also at odds over her role at the state's public integrity unit which investigates corruption. it's a tough legal case to prove, but could still complicate his political ambitions. three years after this -- >> commerce, and let's see, i can't. sorry. oops. >> he's back at it. we caught up with him in iowa. >> how tough is it do you think is it to make a second impression on the republican voters? >> i think second chances is what america has always been about. >> now perry may find out if he will get that second chance. he's still planning on visiting new hampshire next week to keep the 2016 hopes alive. but before leaving texas he must stop at the courthouse for his arraignment. abc news, washington. a federal judge has ruled lawsuits against an aurora,
6:33 am
colorado theater can proceed. it is the theater with 12 were killed and others injured. they said the cinema could have predicted moviegoers were potential targets. 20 lawsuits can now advance. the ruling did not say whether the kin ma was negligent in providing safety. there's a nationwide boom in commute to go work by bicycle. but it could be also fueling a 60% surge of bicycle thefts. your bicycle is now four times as likely to get stolen as your car. with more is abc news reporter neal. >> shameless thieves captured on camera again and again. watch as this guy clips a lock and walks off with this bike in broad daylight. it's something the san francisco police, who took us out on patrol, said it's become routine. >> in 20 is it 11 it was estimated one every three hours. >> one every three hours? >> an estimated $50 million black market in stolen bikes, often sold by the same repeat
6:34 am
offenders on craig's list or flea markets. >> i have arrested almost everyone here and there's a lot more. >> head of the bike thieves unit turned catching bike thieves into a sort of sport, posting mugshots on social media and even baiting them. >> that mountain bike is worth about 1500 or 1600 bucks. >> it's part of a fleet of so-called bait bikes. bikes wired with trackers and left around town by police just for thieves to steal and get caught. >> officer freedman showed us how easy it is to cut the average lock with a simple tool. >> so we are going to run a little experiment. this is the san francisco police department bait bike. i'm going cut the cable, take t see if they can find it. >> and an app on his phone and a second receiver hone in on the bait bike. i've hid it blocks away, but it doesn't take long. >> you zeroed right in on it. >> right in on it. >> he recommends small u
6:35 am
locks like this one. they take a lot longer to cut through, a real deterrent. but his biggest trick to keep the crooks guessing. is it an easy target or a bait bike? abc news, san francisco. >> san jose is the latest city to impose water conservation measures. our media partner, the san jose mercury news reports the city council at their next meeting is expected to declare a city-wide water shortage. residents will be asked to cut water use by 20%. it will make it illegal to water lawns or landscaping in the city every day between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. people using recycled water are exempted. residents who ignore the rules will not be fined, but they could receive a warning. california is suffering through one of the worst droughts in their history. >> california biologists have found a fish they thought to be extinct because of the drought. the small fish were found in one county, after many water sources have dried up. u.c. davis biologists found hundreds in a creek in western
6:36 am
senora. the creek is fed by two springs and seems healthy enough so the fish do not need to be rescued. biologists believe 82% of the state's native fish species are likely to become extinct or nearly extinct in the next century because of climate change. n.a.s.a. is trying to identify hundreds of thousands of new images of the earth. they are posting the photos to online. they are asking people to identify which cities and towns clusters of lights are coming from. the main goal is to create an atlas of nighttime photos on earth. they say it can improve our understanding of the atmosphere. >> dozens of family got to participate in a hands on history lesson yesterday. sitters fort is celebrating their 175th anniversary this week. some of sutter's fort has been reconstructed. the original building stands in the middle of the city. when john sutter landed in san francisco, the land was owned by mexico in 1869. >> he got the acreage from the mexican government and he had to become a mexican citizen.
6:37 am
he also had to become a catholic. >> it wasn't until after the mexican-american war in the 1840s that the fort and california itself became a part of the united states. >> still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, tears will flow as a bay area father relives the murder of his son. part of a new film on a championship high school football final. and here's a live look now from our emeryville camera. we have the marine layer out there pushing temperatures a little cooler in some spots. at least a few degrees. lisa argen will let you know how much we are going to warm up later today with your forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> good morning. here you are see the marine layer moving through the area. lax like temperatures will warm up nicely today, maybe reaching 90 degrees in some areas. lisa argen will have your forecast coming
6:41 am
a train is for sale in kern county. not a model train but a real train. the man started building it 25 years ago an his rural property. on the front is one of his children's silver baby cubs. -- cups. the train has been entertaining the community for more than two decades, but now he hit the brakes. and he his wife sold their house and now the train. >> this was the last hoorah. somebody needs to enjoy it. and sitting in my backyard wouldn't do that. there's a phase in everyone's life, and it's time to go on at this point for us. >> the asking price is $250,000 and includes the barn. they say they have not had any serious offers yet. they have until the end of the year to sell it or it will go into storage. >> hopefully someone will buy it and have fun rides for the kids out there. >> it's going take a little while to get there starting out with upper 50s and low 60s. it is a great start. san francisco exploratorium camera, 57 degrees with a few
6:42 am
airport delays a little further south. a little bit of change from yesterday. slightly cooler in spots and the winds kicking up. we will talk about the trend, whether or not it continues into the work week ahead coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also next, the a's are suffering through their longest losing streak of the season. collin resch tells us what their road woes mean in the a.l. west standings after dropping last night's game in atlanta. this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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the first electric vehicle from mercedes-benz. >> good morning, here's a live look from the golden gate bridge. the fog causing a few delays at sfo. we have the summer spread. warmer temperatures inland, cooler temperatures around the bay this morning. a movie inspired by de la salle high school hits theaters this week. they are holding a debut today to raise money for the terry kelly memorial fund. kelly, a star player, was shot and killed after his senior season. abc7 news reporter alisa harrington spoke with his father. he calls the movie an emotional story about leadership and brotherhood. >> twelve years, 151 games in a row. >> when the game stands tall, a movie inspired by the book by
6:46 am
neil hayes tells the story of the spartans with the longest winning streak in the country. but in 2004 that all changed. >> he made a difference, a real big difference. when he come out like that he ready and fired up. >> his son, terrence, was the star running back and linebacker. days before leaving to go play at the university of oregon on scholarship, he was shot and killed. terrence was just 18. a 15-year-old richmond boy was charged with his murder and later convicted. terrence's family saw an advanced screening of the movie. >> like i had to get up. you know, the first time i've seen him. >> the spartans lost their first game after 151 wins, just weeks after terrence's death. >> it hurt me. because if it wasn't for that, they wouldn't have lost. >> the coach said the film brings back both tough and happy memories. he calls it a great tribute to terrence and the rest of the team. >> it's not just about football. i mean, there's a lot of human dynamics and development in it.
6:47 am
>> since terrence's death, his dad formed the terrence kelly youth foundation. he said this movie is another way for his legacy to live on. >> your dreams will come and they can disappear in a snap. >> the movie opens in theaters across the country next friday. in concord, alyssa harrington, abc7 news. >> it will be great to see the de la salle story out there on the big screen. when you are in concord today, a lot of people will be looking for a way to cool off, as well. maybe going to the theater is not such a bad idea. >> that's right. and temperatures there will be well into the 80s. down the road in livermore already sunny. another beautiful day. we are do have fog and low clouds locally. and moving across the bay, they are getting lower. you may run into a little bit of mist and drizzle. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. the sweep on top of mount st. helena. we will look for more clearing today as we get through the next couple of hours. the fog begins to erode. but from the east bay hills camera, kind of nice.
6:48 am
the layering of the hills here and the low clouds. low temperatures this morning on the cool side in the city. we are in the low 60s with cloudy skies in san jose. half moon bay is at 55 degrees. gilroy a cool 52. and we will look for cloudy skies in san francisco to lift by about 10:00. and south city will be in the 60s, as well. but down by the airport in the 70s. 54 in santa rosa with 57 in novato. good morning concord, livermore. sunny skies to greet you this morning and a sleepy san jose with temperatures here once again near 60 degrees. so coastal clouds this morning. it will be sunny and breezy today around the bay. we will look for the pattern to continue into the upcoming work week with a couple degrees of cooling for tomorrow and tuesday. today the cooling comes in closer to the coast. in the north bay. it's all because. this little system here. it is pushing to the north of us. that will allow for kind of an enhanced on shore push today.
6:49 am
otherwise the changes come in from another area of low pressure as it sits off the coast by the end of the work week. today numbers will be in the mid-90s from sacramento. another warm day in yosemite at 97. the sierra nevada nice and sunny up in tahoe, 81 degrees. 47 right now at the tahoe valley airport. a little cool and looking at high surf concerns in southern california once again. 86 this afternoon. so temperatures around the bay today within a couple degrees of yesterday's readings. san francisco 67. look for low 70s to return in oakland today. about 82 in san jose. vallejo topping out around 80. you have to get to clear lake to see numbers in the mid-90s there. we will look for a sunny afternoon at the ballpark today, at&t park, with low 60s at 1:00 and by 4:00 it should be in the mid-60s. pretty warm today for the 49ers
6:50 am
at levi's stadium. about 80 degrees by 4:00 in the afternoon. kind of what you would expect there. accuweather seven-day forecast looking at temperatures today in the 60s at the coast, 80s around the bay and near 90 inland a few degrees of cooling at the bay and inland tomorrow, tuesday and possibly into the middle of the week. then a slow recovery. nothing too extreme, though. we aren't look at a lot of excessive heat. just very average type weather for mid-august. >> very comfortable weather, as well. thank you, lisa. in sports, we are a few hours away from the 49ers kicking off a new era. playing their first home preseason game at levi's stadium. kickoff at about 1:00 p.m. at the same time tim lincecum is going to the mound, trying to build in momentum after yesterday's victor the phillies. here's collin refresh with the highlights of this morning's
6:51 am
sports. >> good morning. friday night. giants left at&t park with a sick feeling in their stomach. saturday pay back. the phillies left feeling queazy. the hall-of-famer roger staubach in attendance. he had a front row seat for hunter pence doing this in the first inning. pulls the kyle kendricks fastball into the bleachers in left. 1-0, giants. that lead short lives. 2-1 lead in the third, three more in the fifth. ryan howard singles them home. tim hudson pulled after four innings. trailing 5-1, san francisco. gets four back in the sixth. the chopper off the plate with bases loaded brings home pablo sandoval. tied at 5 in the eighth after a panic triple. blanco brings him home. that's the difference. 6-5 giants. michael morse was happy. he had a three-hit day. and the save. and a's look like this. a's were in philadelphia and braves in boston then. this was on saturday in atlanta. sunny gray lost three straight starts. in trouble in the fourth. the fitzsimmons rbi single, and 3-0 braves.
6:52 am
oakland finally gets on the board in the sixth. the 2-run homer to center and it's a 3-2 game. bottom of the sixth justin upton running on the gray delivery. chris johnson, a 3 for 4 night, drove in a pair. here comes upton, 4-2 braves. the late homer not enough. gray dropped a four-straight decision. 4-3, the final. angels were victorious and the two teams in a virtual tie in the a. l. west >> no more paul george. kevin durant removed himself from the team. demarcus cousins injured himself in practice this week. suddenly clay thompson, he could be staring at an increased role with team usa. a 2-0 game against brazil for the upcoming world cup. curry, the step-back. he had nine in the game. homecoming for derek rose. look pretty good. injuries behind him hopefully. fourth quarter, the catch and shoot three. 10 for clay. u.s. up 8. anthony davis providing a spark. going into the crowd chasing a loose ball.
6:53 am
the new orleans and pelican fans holding their breath, but he was fine. irving led the way with 20. the team usa win. as far as preseason game goes, the niners and broncos later today. the most highly anticipated one the bay area has seen in years, maybe ever. a new home and against peyton manning. they have moved into a new stadium before in his days with the colts. it's a big deal for the rest of us, but in the so much for the players themselves. >> not really. it's more for the media and fans and stuff like that. as players we get by the white lines, wherever we play, it's football. >> but we are excited. be sure to tune in tonight. we will be live at levi's stadium with the reaction. until then, i'm collin resch. have a great day, everyone. next, the south bay's biggest pride event yet. the important theme of this year areas annual silicon valley pride festival.
6:54 am
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $50 million power ball draw. 7, 8, 17, 48, 59, power ball number 9. nobody picked all six. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $60 million. the winning numbers from the $10 million super lotto plus draw. nobody picked all six, wednesday's jackpot increases to
6:57 am
$11 million. happening today, the name may have changed but not the celebration of diversity. the silicon valley pride festival will take center stage again today in downtown san jose. for almost 40 years the event was call the san jose pride festival. largest lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender event held in the south bay. this year's theme honoring our past and securing our future. it runs at discovery meadow today. >> it's always nice and warm there. in the low 60s once again today. right now a little gray out, there but things will improve quickly in the south bay. low 90s liver more today. 74 in san rafael. cooling up in the north bay. san francisco maybe a degree or two cooler and on the coast it will be in the mid-60s. the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have the 90s inland again. a couple degrees of cooling inland and around the bay tomorrow and tuesday. we are still in the range of near average temperatures for mid-august. and by the end of the week we
6:58 am
could see a few extra clouds around here. but staying dry through the week ahead. >> and you can't beat the forecast in santa clara for the first 49ers game starting at 1:00 today. >> beautiful. >> a beautiful weather and low 60s, right? >> by about 4:00. >> should be night for the end of the game and all the tailgating in the morning. enjoy the 49ers game. we will have more on that coming up at 9:00 a.m. and you can also follow us online on twitter, facebook and on all your mobile devices with our new abc7 news app. have a great
6:59 am
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good morning, america. breaking news. chaos in ferguson. violence erupting in the streets overnight, again. >> you must disperse the area immediately! >> protesters ignoring a midnight curfew aimed at keeping residents safe and businesses from being looted. >> no justice. >> police in s.w.a.t. gear and riding armored vehicles, firing smoke and tear gas to try to clear the streets. but the defiance and disorder persists, with one perso' shot and critically wounded. shooting victim. >> the anger growing as the public, for the first time, sees a pi(uu)e of the officer who shot and killed michael brown. what we're learning about his work record. >> and with more arrests


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